WoW: You can only buy one Soul Ash Pack per Torghast run

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The game files for WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1 were found by's dataminers. Packaged Soul Ash allows for you to send soulash between your characters account-wide. This is similar to what you can do with the war resource containers in BfA. There are two versions of the item. The 250 Soul Ash pack contains the item, while the other packs contain 1,300 Soul Ash. You may also find packs with other values later. It is unclear who will be selling Packaged Soul Ash in-game.

Update.6.5.21: It appears that you can purchase the Soul Ash packs during a Torghast run at midwayer before reaching the final boss (recently level 5) You can only buy one pack per run. This is what's dataminers discovered. However, we found that the middleman did NOT offer this item in our testing using the PTR. This image should be enough to prove it. __S.15__ __S.16__ __S.17__ __S.18__ WoW: Soul Ash Packs are only available once per Torghast Run (1) __S.20__ Source: __S.22__ Packaged Soul Ash – Binds to Account Use: Open to Gain 1300 Soul Ash.
"Packed for easy transfer. Brokers always get a cut of Soul Ash that is missing.

Packaged Soul Ash (DNT), Binds to Account Use: Open to Gain 250 Soul Ash

Packaged Soul Ash (DNT), costs 1,500 Soul Ash, while Packaged Soul Ash (Packed) costs 300 Soul Ash. The large pack is more practical. You will lose the equivalent of a little Soul Ash if you only need a small amount for another character.

If you have 6,000 Soul Ash on your character, you can buy 4 Packaged Soul Ash from your Twink and send it to him. He can then craft a Rank 4 Legendary using 5,200 Soul Ash. This makes it much easier to get into the endgame for new characters, and saves you multiple Torghast runs. You will need to have a lot of Soul Ash, and the new currency Soul Cinders, in order to upgrade to rank 5 or 6. These are available at Torghast levels 9-12. It's worth having plenty of Soul Ash in your inventory.

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