WoW: Tyrande and Vol'jin await us in Shadowlands (Spoiler!)

WoW Shadowlands will bring new areas, raids, and dungeons to the table, as well as exciting stories. Many well-known villains and heroes await us in the realm of the dead. We have examined the Shadowlands-Alpha dialogue texts and found some interesting information. Warning: Spoilers! WoW: Tyrande and Vol'jin await us in Shadowlands. (spoilers!) (1) Source: buffed

Table of Contents1The Loa Strait2The Fate of the Loa, the Wild Gods3Vol’jin's Return4Tyrande In Danger!5Many Other Old Heroes and Villains

The Loa Strife

Shadows Rising tells us that Sylvanas' followers are on the hunt for Bwonsamdi (the Loa of Death) in the novel Shadows Rising. It appears that another loa was responsible for Bwonsamdi's strength - that was Mueh'zala the Death Loa the Sand Trolls. Bwonsamdi can only escape death with Queen Talanji's help and Vol'jin’s spirit. WoW Shadowlands: Bwonsamdi, Vol'jin and the ex-warchief turn the tables. The loa in Shadowlands who betrayed him and whispered his name to him on his grave bed, is now on the heels of Bwonsamdi.

WoW: Mueh'zala, the Loa of Death for the sand trolls, is Mueh'zala. Source: wowhead Mueh'zala, unlike Bwonsamdi has turned his back upon the trolls as well as his duty of Loa and allied with the Jailer. Like Sylvanas, his reasons for this betrayal are initially obscure. But, the intrigue and plan that went along with it worked perfectly in BfA. The majority of the Loa are now dead and locked up in the Arden Forest where they have only a fraction of their original power. Vol'jin can't free the Loa from their predicament but he can make himself a Loa. To do this, however, he must first fulfill the pact with Bwonsamdi to ensure that Bwonsamdi rises to become the only Loa among the Dead. We challenge the treacherous Mueh’zala in the dungeon "The Other Side" with Vol'jin. The dialogue text below indicates that Mueh'zala has been defeated. However, it remains to be determined if the Loa has also been defeated.

What? De whisper dat told Sylvanas to be Sylvanas' warchief... You played your role perfectly, troll. And I would torture you for eternity... if it weren't for someone's intervention. I'm hearing enough! I be hearin' enough!

The Fate of the Loa, and the Wild Gods

WoW: The bloodthirsty Loa Hakkar is making a comeback in Shadowlands, in the dungeon The Other Side! Source: wowhead A particularly exciting story awaits us at the Ardenwald, as we have already seen. The story is centered on Tyrande's quest for redemption and revolves around Cenarius the Loa and the Wild Gods. The mystical forest is Elune's last refuge and that of the animal spirits. In fact, most of the Wild Gods were defeated by the Burning Legion in the War of the Ancestors. Others were destroyed by the Emerald Nightmare or the Old Gods. Zul the Betrayer reduced the Loa pantheon during Battle for Azeroth.

The prophet lured Rezan, King Of The Loa, into a trap, and then caused many more Loa to be taken hostage. Both the Loa and Wild Gods have a new purpose in the Arden Forest. Some dream of rebirth while others take control. Vol'jin is determined to be a Loa. Rezan is determined to help them. It is still unknown how exactly. The role of the Winter Queen, mistress of Arden Forest and Ysera (whose soul also rests within the forest), in the story is still a mystery for the moment.

Vol'jin's Return

WoW: The Winter queen rules the Forest of Arden. Source: wowhead While we don't know much about the Winter Queen, we can learn some interesting information from a short dialogue. She appears to be neutral, not good or evil. She speaks to Vol’jin in Forest of Arden and reveals a very intriguing secret. According to the Queen the soul of a Loa lies in the former warchief. That explains why Rezan is so keen on Vol'jin's rebirth. We don't know which loa it is. The Winter Queen tells Vol'jin during their conversation that he must pass a dangerous test within the Shadowlands in order to awaken his inner loa. It may be successful, but it could also lead to his final death. The Winter Queen addresses Vol'jin with the following words:

"I thought I sensed something very special about your spirit. There is a loa in you... waiting for you to be reborn. I can't promise you that you will survive...or what kind of loa you'll become. But I will allow you to reincarnate. Life is full of mysteries. I'm learning to embrace them and see what happens next.

Tyrande in danger!

The Night Warrior is eventually led by Tyrande in her quest for revenge. The Arden Forest is where the Night Elf leader seeks Elune, whom she hopes to find with the help Cenarius. Tyrande, after her transformation into a night fighter, is plagued with doubts about the goodness and loyalty of the moon goddess who seems to have abandoned the Kaldorei. Her search for redemption and the origins of the Night Warriors leads to dangerous consequences. Our heroes, Tyrande and our heroes, end up in Torghast. She discovers the fate of the Dead Night Elves souls that were burned in Teldrassil. The fate of the Dead Kaldorei almost drives her insane, and in the grand finale, we must save Tyrande. These are the steps taken from Tyrande's scenario.

Recovering Tyrande Whisperwind.

  • Stage 1: Search Torghast to find Tyrande Whisperwind. Stage 2: Fend against Maw Warriors. Aid Tyrande in defeating Maw Assassins. Stage 3: Keep up with Tyrande Whisperwind. Tyrande Whisperwind is not slowing down. Deal with the incoming Maw minions. Deal with the incoming Maw minions. Stage 5: Catch up to TyrandeTyrande, and try to catch up! Stage 6: Find another route to TyrandeTyrande has pushed ahead. You must catch up with TyrandeTyrande. Stage 9: Defeat The Tortured ShadeThe Maw has created a mixture of night elf souls that are tortured. These evil creatures are a threat to Tyrande's survival.

It remains to be determined if this scenario is reserved for Alliance heroes or if it will be open to all warriors of both factions.

There are many more heroes and villains from the past

WoW: Uther's darker side as the Spurned. Source: wowhead Many old villains and heroes who died recently or many years ago are now at the Realm of the Dead. Kael'thas and Kel'thuzad are the most prominent, as is Lady Vashj and even Uther Lightbringer, the legendary paladin. They all play important roles in different areas. Kael'thas welcomes our heroes in Ravendreth as a host, but Kel'thuzad is immediately a villain who causes a lot chaos in Maldraxxus. The former prince of Quel'thalas, however, changes sides and confronts us as a boss opponent during the Castle Nathria raid. Lady Vashj used her time in Shadowlands to become a fully-fledged baroness. She is not an enemy, but an ally in WoW Shadowlands, unlike in the past.

The Bastion has the most exciting story. Here we meet the legendary hero Uther Lichtbringer. This Paladin was once Arthas Menethil's mentor. He left the Way of Light in Warcraft 3 to become a Death Knight and Lich Kings. Uther is an angelic Kyrian who protects Oribos, the Bastion, in WoW Shadowlands. It is interesting to note that Uther comes in two forms. One is a radiant angel and the other is a sinister scorned one. We don't know the story behind this fall from grace. We are curious about the fate of one of Azeroth’s most recognizable heroes in Shadowlands.

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