WoW: Tortollans are so cool! Artist shows us 3D models for the races

We were here a few weeks agoPresentYou can find theAmazing 3D models created by Shirdi Briceno (aka Metalfk). The artist created realistic models of WoW heroes for male and female characters in ZBrush. Maya then rendered them. Today, we present the latest works from her portfolio. This time, we have Nightborn, an Orc, a Gnome, and a tough Tortollan.

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This image shows the Tortollan looking particularly sinister. To give the figures more life, the artist experimented with colors. These images are the last part of her WoW project. Shirdi Briceno stated that she plans to focus on other 3D projects in future. We find this very sad. She was one of few artists to create realistic models of Azeroth's inhabitants. Recreating is the main theme of most fan art.World of Warcraft's most iconic cities and regions. We have a rough idea of how the WoW races might look with modern graphics thanks to Shirdi.

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