WoW: Torghast and Dungeon-Weekly, TBC Beta - The events of the ID

There's not much happening in the Shadowlands this week but Classic fans can look forward the start of the Burning Crusade Classic Closed Beta. Below is a detailed breakdown of the week in the Shadowlands, starting March 24, 2021.

Closed Beta has been started

Blizzard has finally unlocked the first players to the Burning Crusade Classic closed Beta and powered up the beta servers. You can currently test content up to level 64. Those who have not registered for the beta yet can do so via the WoW website. You can find all the details about the beta here:

  • WoW Beta for Burning Crusade Classic is now open - content up until level 64

The Torghast wings in the new ID

The Tower of the Damned offers the wings Mort'regar and the Upper Levels to you this week. You can earn 570 Soul Ash each wing if you reach all eight levels. Torghast has 1,140 Soul Ashes available to you.

The trip to the newly opened wings can be a rewarding experience for different specializations. They can also make unforgettable memories there.

Legendary memories of Mort'regar

  • Blood Death Knight- Memory of Bryndaor
  • Guardian Druid- Memory of the Sleeper
  • Survivor Hunter- Memory of the Bone Fragments of the Sleeper
  • Frost Mage- Memory of Slippery Ice
  • Brewmaster Monk- Memory of Shaohao
  • Protection Paladin- Memory of the Endless Kings
  • Discipline Priest- Memory of the Kiss of Death
  • Assassin Rogue – Memory of the Doomblade
  • Elemental Shaman- Reminder of the Witch Doctor
  • Furor Warrior- Memory of a daring defense

Legendary Memories From the Upper Planes

  • Blood Death Knight – Memory of a Vampiraura
  • Fiercenessdruid - Memory a elite beast of prey
  • Marksmanship Hunter- Memory of the Unrelenting
  • Arcane Mage- Memory of a temporal bent
  • Retribution Paladin – Memory of a Relentless Intelligor
  • Shadow Priest- Memory of Talbadar
  • Demonology Warlock- Memory of the Grim Inquisitor
  • Protector Warrior – Memory of a Revenge

No new glory levels, glory

This ID will no longer allow fame level 40-level people to upgrade their fame. The Weekly Quest " Replenishing the Reservoir" will award 1,500 gold pieces to those who complete it.

Nothing new at the LFR

There will be no new content in the near future as the last Nathria LFR Wing "An Audience with Arrogance", which has been open since weeks. Instead, you can now access the mythical Castle Nathria on all servers since last week.

More events in

  • WoW: The bonus week for Shadowlands Dungeons begins March 24th
  • WoW - Valinor – Shadowlands world boss with 237 loot starting March 24

We wish you lots and lots of fun!

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