WoW: There you are! Reconnect with old friends in Nazjatar

NazjatarEven though the naga henchmen are distracting from the paradisiacal atmosphere below the sea, there is still a lot to see. Two old Azeroth acquaintances are not deterred from spending their vacation in Queen Azshara’s realm of the Naga Witch.

Reddit users (buy now 14,99 EUR) have found the location of the two men. Reddit user Alfa_One spotted Epicus Maximus, an NPC team, on top of a mountain west from Zanj'ir Terrace. They were patrolling at coordinates 29.5/19.

Epicus Maximus spotted by r/wow

WoW veterans are familiar with the legendary combination of a guitar-playing undead riding on a T.Rex equipped with a laser rifle and a shark equipped with a rocket pack from WoW: Cataclysm. Blizzard added Maelstrom to the game in response to players complaining that the area was too boring.

Epicus Maximus became bored and began to appear as a gladiator in a battle guild. He was then beaten by powerful heroes. It is obvious that he was tired of fighting against the same guys every day, and then being celebrated for their unfair victories.

We can see that Epicus Maximus longs for rest and recuperation. It's not surprising that he is going to Nazjatar. We didn't know the Naga Empire existed until recently. This is the perfect place to escape from the endless defeats of the battle guild.

It's too bad that the peace and quiet has ended. The Horde and Alliance are currently making quite a stir under the sea. After a brief time, they found Epicus Maximus! They can overcome even the steep cliffs that the poor gladiator thought were impossible.

A similar fate to Epicus Maximus must be borne by our second familiar NPC, which Reddit user FoodtimeMTG discovered hidden behind the Nazjatar sea wall.

Ozumat in Nazjatar. (From above) Found behind the sea wall.

Ozumat is likely to want to be left alone, much like Epicus Maximus. After all, we beat up Kraken Patriarch in Throne Of Tides during Cataclysm, before he disappeared into deepest parts of the sea. Now we know where the servant to the Old Gods was all along: with his naga buddies, presumably plotting vengeance.

We know that Azshara's rise was influenced by the Old Gods. It is possible that Ozumat's plans played a part in this. We would be wise to give Epicus Maximus a well-deserved vacation but we should also keep an eye on Ozumat. It's unclear how the Naga will use him, now that they have subjugated him .....