WoW: TBC prepatch, bonus week and Torghast - the events that took place at the ID

There isn't much happening in the Shadowlands: WoW: Shadowlands this week. However, many Classic fans are eagerly awaiting the WoW Burning Crusade Classic pre patch. Although we are not allowed to enter Outland yet, the pre-patch update has many new features. Below is a detailed breakdown of what happened in Azeroth, Shadowlands and other areas during the week May 19.

Pre-Patch for Burning Crusade Classic

The EU region will release the pre-patch of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic on May 19. However, there were some issues during the maintenance work on the US servers. This had already begun one day earlier. The result was that all regions were extended the maintenance work. The Classic servers are now expected to be online at 13:00 according to the current status. We will keep you informed in the following article:

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The pre-patch highlights new features can be found as follows:

  • We have access to Draenei and Blood Elves (Horde), as well as their respective capitals and starting areas.
  • The Horde now has access to Paladins through the new races. Meanwhile, the Alliance can lead Shamans into battle for their first time.
  • We will be allowed increase the number of Jewelers to 300.
  • All classes' talent trees will be reworked, and new talents will also be added.
  • The honor system will be reworked and the toughening value introduced. Skirmish games will be possible in the first arenas. You will be able to buy Honor System gear and weapons, including Rank 13 and 14 items, for Honor and Battleground Tokens. No need to be ranked.
  • The amount of experience required to level up between levels 20-60 will be reduced. Quests will provide more experience between levels 30-60, and dungeon quests between one and sixty. The process of completing elite quests between 1-60 will be simplified. You will also find more quests in Marshes of Dustwallow.

The pre-patch also splits the Classic world in half. You will now have to choose between Classic era realms and the progressive Classic servers that contain the Burning Crusade content. You can also pay for the clone services and have your characters travel to both. You can find all details about the pre-patch here.

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02:30 World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic: Prepatch Trailer World of Warcraft starting from EUR14.99

The New ID's Torghast Wings

The Tower of the Damned offers the wings "Mort’regar" (and "The Upper Planes") to you this week. You can earn 570 Soul Ash each wing if you reach all eight levels. Torghast has 1,140 Soul Ashes available to you.

The trip to the newly opened wings can be a rewarding experience for different specializations. They can also make unforgettable memories there.

Legendary Memories from Mort’regar

  • Blood Death Knight - Bryndaor Memory
  • Guardian Druid – Memory of the Sleeper
  • Survival Hunter - Memory of the Bone Fragments of the Sleeper
  • Frost Mage - Memory of Slippery Ice
  • Brewmaster Monk – Memory of Shaohao
  • Protection Paladin – Memory of the Endless Kings
  • Discipline Priest – Memory of the Kiss of Death
  • Assassin Rogue – Memory of the Doomblade
  • Elemental Shaman – Reminder of the Witch Doctor
  • Furor Warrior – Memory of a daring defense

Legendary Memories from Upper Planes

  • Blood Death Knight - Memoria of a Vampiraura
  • Fierceness Druid- Memory of an elite predator of prey
  • Marksmanship Hunter – Memory of the Unrelenting Watch
  • Arcane Mage – Memory of a temporal bent
  • Retribution Paladin – Memory of a Relentless Investigator
  • Shadow Priest - Memory Of Talbadar
  • Demonology Warlock – Memory of the Grim Inspector
  • Protector Warrior – Memory of a Revenge

Gold instead of fame, no new fame level

The fame level 40 level holders will no longer be permitted to upgrade their fame in this ID. Complete the Weekly Quest"Replenish the ReservoirInstead, "will earn 1,500 gold coins instead.

Nothing new in LFR

There won't be any new content in the near future as the last Nathria LFR Wing "An Audience with Arrogance", has been open for several weeks. Instead, you can now access the mythical Castle Nathria from any server.

Additional events in the new ID

  • WoW: Pet battle bonus week begins on May 19
  • WoW: Valinor- The Shadowlands world boss with 297 loot, starting May 19

We wish you lots and lots of fun!