WoW: TBC Classic – More information about the Arena Rewards in season 1

Updated 05 May:Yesterday's Blizzard post about WoW: Burning Crusade Classic raised questions that were answered last night. Here's the latest information from Kaivax, community manager (via WoW forum).

  • To be able buy and wear an item, you only need to earn a rating once. This means that you can still wear an Arena item even if you have a lower rating.
  • To qualify for the seasonal rewards, you must play at least 50 games per season.
  • You do not need (!) To purchase Arena gear from previous seasons, you don't need an Arena rating.
  • Season 1 Gladiator weapons will be available in TBC Classic Season 1.
  • The interface for commentatorsThe "War Games" featureIt has received a new look.

Original post from May 4,:
Already at theBlizzCon 2021 was announced by the Blizzard developersThey wanted to change the arena system in WoW (buy now 14,99 EUR): Burning Crusade Classic. This is a significant improvement on the original version from 2007. Modernizing the matchmaking system, which is responsible to allocate teams, is a must. On the other, teams should be able have more players than they did back then. All team members should only be required to play a percentage of the games in order to receive the scoring at the end.

Kaivax, the Community Manager for WoW, has provided more details about PvP in TBC Classic. Below are the highlights of the post.

  • Matchmaking scoring will use the same system as PvP in 2008.
  • Arena teams begin with a rating 0 (in 2007, all new teams began with a rating 1.500).
  • Cooldowns for diminishing effects (e.g. stun effects) can last between 15 and 20 seconds.
  • All PvP parts require a personal rating. This was only the case in the initial TBC.

Pants: Rating of 1.550 or Higher
- Chest Score of 1.600 or Higher
Headpiece rating of 1.700 or more
- Weapons: Rating of at least 2,050
- Shoulder pieces: Rating of 2200 or higher

  • Arena gear should be purchased at the same price as Arena Points.
  • Arena Points will be awarded at the weekly ID reset. The amount of points you receive will depend on which team earns the most points.
  • Arena Points can only be earned if your team has played at least 10 matches during the week. Your character must also have participated in at most 30% of the matches. Your personal rating cannot be less than 150 rating points from your team rating.
  • Season 1 will award the best players with an exclusive title: Infernal Gladiator (at that time, titles weren't introduced until Season 2).
  • You must be among the top 0.1 percent teams at the end to be considered for the "Rank 1" team. Only the top 0.5 percent of teams are eligible to be called "Gladiator". You can call yourself a "Duelist" if you are in the top three percent. The top 10 percent are called "Rivals." The top 35 percent are "challengers."
  • Your personal rating cannot be more than 100 points from the team rating to be eligible for the seasonal rewards at the finish. You must also have played in at least 20 percent of all games.
  • As they did in the original introduction of the arena, Tornadoes will be seen in the Nagrand Arena.

PvP merchants' Season 1 offerings will be adjusted to match the later seasons. These are the details:

  • Alliance PvP Merchants
    • Captain Dirgehammer sells honor armor level 70
    • Captain O'Neal sells level-70 honor arms
    • Season 1 Master Sergeant Biggins will sell pendants, trinkets and rings.
    • Lieutenant Karter will be available for saleBlack Warlek reinsIn Season 1 (wasn’t available until Season 4, at the time).
    • Master Sergeant Biggins will be sellingLamentations of a StarAndTears of the StarIn Season 1 (were unavailable until Season 2 at that time).
  • Horde PvP Trader
    • Lady Palanseer sells level-70 honor armor.
    • Sergeant Thunderhorn sells honor weapons at level 70
    • Brave Stonehide will be selling pendants, trinkets and rings in Season 1.
    • Raider Bork will sell theSwift War RiderIn Season 1 (wasn’t available until Season 4 at that time).
    • Brave Stonehide will be available for saleLamentations of a StarAndTears of the StarIn Season 1 (weren’t available until Season 2) at the time).

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