WoW: TBC Classic- Is it possible to expect the next Feral metafor Insane in WoW?

In WoW Classic, it wasn't easy for Feral Druids. They had to farm Gnomeregan regularly to be able to access the - unfortunately limited but very powerful – Use effect of the Mace handly packbuster whenever they needed. They also had to accept the Wolf’s Head Helmet as a level 40 item.

All phases.

It's slowly but surely becoming clear that the Feral meta for WoW (buy here EUR14,99) : Burning Crusade Classic could be even more insane. The Wolf's Head helmet is one reason.

TBC era will continue to be a remarkable era. Say: Cats will continue to switch between guises in order to gain 20 energy points. Theorycrafters have discovered another way to get extra energy. This gimmick won’t be liked by many Feral Druids.

You can reset the resource timer by cancelling a restorative aura (such a Weak Trolblood Potion that restores health) that players have discovered. This will instantly give you mana/energy equal the amount you should have received between the last tick and the cancellation of the aura. Or, to put it another, if you use a macro to add a Weak Troll Blood Potion while shapeshifting in combat, and click away your aura 0.4 seconds later, you'll receive four Energy back. This will allow you to Powershift two more.

Instead of one. The Druids will be farming Peace Flowers for the entire TBC era.

This is not a bug. Here's the patch notes for WoW patch 2.2.1.

"Power Regeneration": Any effect that alters the rate of power regener (mana, energy, rage, or focus) will immediately credit an amount equal the old regeneration rate. Time intervals will then begin at the new rate approximately 2 seconds later. This improves the functionality spells such as Evocation and Stimulate that previously had difficulty using time intervals. "

This discovery could also be a role for rogues. This is less true in PvE battles where causing as much damage as possible is the priority (because other potions such as haste potion promise greater DpS). If DpS is not a priority, Dagger Wielders have Weak Trol Blood Potion.

To get rid of a kick in PvP or a glare in PvP.

What do you think about this discovery? Is this the beginning of a new feral meta?

buster? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


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