WoW Shadowlands: Vulpine, Phalynx, and Death Roc – The new hunter pets

After The Burning Crusade, Argus in Legion, and World of Warcraft Shadowlands, we are once more able to enter realms that can be called "extraterrestrial". This fantasy world's fauna and flora, as well as its inhabitants and animals, are exotic. Hunting enthusiasts will find it exciting to be able tame many new and sometimes very interesting creatures.

WoW Petopia, a well-known website, has already meticulously extracted data from the Shadowlands Alpha. A selection of these images can be seen in the image gallery below. There are seven new species currently available, including new additions to existing pet classes like deer, birds of prey, and spiders. Shadowlands is still in beta and many things will change. Some models will not be available for download, and some may not be as easily tameable.

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