WoW Shadowlands: Uther the judge and more Kyrian models

The Kyrians are a noble race with angelic form and righteous courage. They are Oribos' protectors and guardians, a magical realm full of wonder and mystery. The Bastion requires that those who make a pact will have to prove themselves to be aspirants and overcome many obstacles. After all, the coveted wings are not free. This article contains all the information you need about the Kyrian Pact, the Bastion, and WoW: Shadowlands.

WoW: Shadowlands: Uther Lichtbringer, the judge, and more Kyrian models (52) Source: Wowhead However, even with the first pair, a Kyrian's duties are not complete. Each Bastion resident is assigned a task as a guardian. Some roles, like caretaker or trainer for new recruits, are easy, while others require more courage, skill, and perseverance. Some Kyrians fail to meet these challenges or succumb to their dark memories and sins. These poor souls become sinister images of their own, and some even fall into the Maw to become slaves to the dungeon master.

The new datamining images taken by the Alpha show the full range and number of Kyrians encountered in Oribos, the new capital city, and the Bastion area of WoW: Shadowlands. You can identify the rank of a Kyrian based on their armor, regardless of whether they are male or female. Aspirants wear light cloth robes while high-ranking soldiers are covered in heavy, beautifully decorated plate armor.

However, some Kyrian regalia shine with an unusual design. The armor of Uther lightbringer, the legendary Warcraft 3 paladin, and the Arbiter (who might or may not be the mysterious Judge from Oribos), are getting a new look. See all images of the new Kyrian models in this gallery.