WoW Shadowlands: Torghast won't rush - there is no timer mechanic

Timers can be thrilling in games, but they can also be annoying if used in excessive amounts. Battle for Azeroth was a game that many players found to be full of mechanics that rewarded quick movement. Mythic+ dungeons? Only the right speed can use the higher key. Are there island expeditions? The enemy team is awake all night, so please collect more Azerite! Disturbing Visions is a game where you are constantly losing health. So hurry up and get out of trouble before you become insane. These examples show that some players look forward to Shadowlands, or the endless Tower of the Damned and Thorgast. Developers give the all-clear. This part of WoW Shadowlands is not for the faint-hearted: Torghast does not have timer mechanics, as in the Vestrous Visions. Source: Blizzard

Dataminers are wrong, no timer in Torghast

Dataminers have discovered a resource called "Vitality", which is similar to mental health from Disturbing visions. However, it is not supposed be active in the final game. This was clarified by Phaerix, the Community Manager at Blizzard. He also stated that Shadowlands is still being developed and that not all datamining features are final.

Thorgast's Tarragrue is a danger.

The Tarragrue, which is described in the official preview, is the only thing to be afraid in Thorgast. This colossal murderer will seek to find you as soon you die too many times. Instead, the monster trots off at the beginning to reach the other end. Your run is over if it does. If he catches up to you, it's also over. There are ways to temporarily slow him down, however.