WoW: Shadowlands - Torghast should not rush. Feedback welcome

Players in the WoW Shadowlands Alpha have been able, so far, to explore the endless Torghast dungeon at their own pace, take breaks, then jump into the next battles fully prepared. This is a refreshing change, especially when compared to the Disturbing visions of Battle for Azeroth. The latest alpha build now includes special debuffs that many Torghast-goers interpret as rushing. They are called Torments and punish looting in an area for prolonged periods of time. Kaivax, the community manager, stated in a forum post that Torghast was not meant to be a fast-paced and rushed experience.

What do WoW's developers want Torghast play?

Kaivax's post at the beginning states that "We certainly don’t want Torghast to be a fast-paced and time-oriented game mode." The so-called torments are intended to ensure that high-level groups with flawless setups don't have to wait for cooldown spells every fight. "That's our problem. It's not fun to have, but it's the right way for you to play if your goal is to win."

In a perfect world, Torments would allow groups to defeat all enemies within a level of Torghast. However, it is important to rely on CC effects and to pause between pulls. He points out that the new Torghast debuffs require a lot of tuning and coordination. "If such a perfectly coordinated team has to skip large portions of a level because Torghast debuffs get too out of control, we've got a problem." Kaivax also lists three things which aren't in Torments' original design.

  • Torghast doesn't feel like a time-oriented feature, a la Mythic+ dungeons or visions.

Here are some ways that alpha testers can improve Torghast by providing feedback.

Kaivax will be asking players with alpha access for Torghast to test it and then report their impressions. The most important thing is real gameplay experience and not discussions about time-based difficulties that aren't based on any in-game experience. He gives testers specific questions to answer for feedback:

  • Did you ever feel rushed to complete a level even though you didn't want? Did you feel like Torments prevented you from completing a level, even though your pace was normal? Did you feel like you couldn't take a break while running? Did you feel that Torments were okay, but should not appear at a higher level then the current 12? Was a Torment effect ever too weak? Sometimes, do you feel like you can wait ten minutes between pulls without worrying about Torment debuffs or other effects?

The developers would like to know how you feel about the Torment effects in relation to each other. Are some more fun-blocking or punishing than others?

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