WoW: Shadowlands - Skilled riding will not be replaced

WoW: Shadowlands will bring the long-awaited level of squish. This also means that many skills will need to be adjusted, including riding skills.

World of Warcraft currently offers five riding skills: Inexperienced Riding (or Skilled Riding), Skilled Riding (or Skilled Riding), Experienced Riding (or Skilled Riding), Masterful Riding. These riding skills can be found at 20 levels. The speed of your flying mount increases by 130% at the highest level and by 30% at the lowest level.

What will this look like in WoW: Shadowlands?

Players will be able learn a new riding skill each 10 levels after the introduction of Level Squish. Skilled Riding will be removed and the final jump from 150 percent up to 310 percent will occur. This will allow us to save a lot of money and make it easier for us to reach maximum speed.

What happens to characters who only learn 280 percent flying?

This is still unknown at the moment. We will however post this information as soon as the beta servers allow character transfer again. We'll keep you updated!