WoW Shadowlands - Revendreth – The Venthyr Intro Quests Image Gallery

Each World of Warcraft Shadowlands zone will be home to one of four pacts. They are the Kyrians (Necrolords), the Night Fae (Venthyr), and the Kyrians. These pacts will be encountered during your first Shadowlands adventure. At the new max level 60, you can join one to receive their rewards, including a signature skill, a class-specific ability and unique transmogs. This special will introduce you to the introductory quests for the final Covenant you'll encounter, the Venthyr.

The Venthyr fall in the dark range on a scale from Light to Dark. The Kyrians are in the dark, while the Night Fae and Necrolords are in the middle. The former lean towards the Kyrians, while the latter towards Venthyr. As you'll see, the color palettes for the four pact zones reflect this well. The designs and colors were clearly inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s American "Dracula", which stars Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins. The Venthyr, despite their dark destiny, are anything but gloomy and bloodless. Revendreth's vampiric inhabitants make a very positive impression and are not afraid to use black humor.

Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director of Shadowlands, explained that Kael'thas Sunwalker was one of the Warcraft celebrity who made their way to Revendreth following death. The "main thrust" of the pact is also set by the blood elf prince: Magically gifted classes. For example, a Venthyr shaman will have Shadowgate, a teleportation ability that greatly strengthens elemental shamans. It also gives them strong chain armor for defense. The class-specific ability, 'Chain Harvest' is also available. It combines Chain Lightning Strike with Chain Healing to create a powerful spell. The author was inspired by the Diablo Hellbulls, the massive black Venthyr transmog with red candles and a gravestone as a "cape", and decided to go with a Tauren Elemental Sharman. These two images show you how the "Heavy Metal” monster will look later on. WoW Shadowlands: The black-and-red Venthyr Chain Armor set, with some modifications for a Tauren Shaman (helmet concealed, chest replaced by the bony armor the Ancestral Chieftain (Tauren Tradition). Source: Wowhead Modelviewer WoW Shadowlands. The black and red Venthyr Cloak (Tier 3), is a stylish tombstone. Source: Wowhead. In the following image gallery, which includes partially translated text, you can see our Tauren Elemental Shiman completing the first quests of Revendreth before arriving at the castle. Let's not give too much away. The Realm of Death isn't working properly and threatens its inhabitants. A rebellion erupts in Revendreth. Prince Renathal believes that Denathrius, the Lord of Venthyr is responsible for the loss of Anima, which is what normally feeds the Realm of Death. He is now rallying his followers to overthrow Denathrius, and get the anima flowing once again. This is where your adventures in Revendreth start. As you have come to expect from Blizzard's production, it is once more top-notch. Enjoy!

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