WoW Shadowlands: A wave of invitations to the beta and reader news from Imba Noob

Invitation Excerpt Source: The next batch of invitations for the Shadowlands beta is out! If you're lucky enough, you'll be included in the next batch of invitations for Shadowlands beta if you have registered for the beta and have an active account. It doesn't matter if you prefer Classic or BfA.

How do you check if you are logged in? Log in to your mailbox. Follow the instructions at bottom of email if you receive an email from Blizzard. Phishing emails are a red flag! The sender must be exactly The text must be in perfect German and refer to the content to be tested.

The beta will not be found in your client under "Games", but you will need to click on World of Warcraft in player tab, then select Shadowlands Beta under Version in development, and then run the installation.

Have fun!

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