WoW: Questline for Thrall and Draka in Patch 9.5 [Spoiler!]

With Patch 9.1, the battle against the Dungeon Master begins. The Maw is a battleground where the army of Zovaal marches to defend its master, and the mysterious island at the edge his dark realm. We must first get to Korthia. We need the assistance of the Maldraxxi to overcome this challenge. They have regained strength since the return of Primus.

Attention! Attention! __S.7__ __S.8__ __S.10__ WoW: Questline for Thrall and Draka in Patch 9.5 [Spoiler!] (2) __S.13__ Source: buffed __S.15__ __S.16__ __S.17__ __S.18__

Draka is the master strategist of the Necrolords.

Baroness Draka will lead Patch 9.1's Necrolords forces as long as the Primus remains in Torghast. Few warriors have been as brave in their support of Maldraxxus, the Shadowlands, and their cause as Draka. Draka ended the civil conflict in Maldraxxus, and united the Houses' forces under the Immortal Army banner. Even though the Baroness is devoted to her new task, her past once again catches up to her in the Maw. Draka finds her son, despite all the chaos.

We wondered for months if and when Thrall would see his mother again. Both of their souls are still heavy with the memories of their separation. Patch 9.1 is here! In Chapter 4, Draka and Thrall will meet in a long quest series that brings them right to the doorstep of the dungeon master. The endeavor quickly becomes a disaster. The Covenant of the Pacts is being fought by the heavily armed army of the Damned. It's a good thing that Draka, master strategist, takes over the scepter to secure the first territory in Maw with the Necrolords. She also has a score with Baron Vyraz, the treacherous Baron. He was responsible for Margrave Krexxus's death and sided with Helya in Maw.

The Legacy of Draenor

__S.37__ __S.38__ __S.39__ __S.40__ __S.41__ Draka meets her son Thrall (aka Go’el) in the Maw. She carried the memory of the battle in the Shadowlands where she gave her life for her child with her all the way to Shadowlands. __S.44__ Source: buffed __S.46__ We join Draka and Necrolords to fight Baron Vyraz. We are not Draka's only allies. Thrall also wants to be our partner. Draka is unaware that Thrall is her child when they first meet. Thrall, however, is so moved by Draka that he refuses to reveal his true identity. The two of them speak to one another shortly before the first battle. However, the dialogue texts have not been translated.

Baroness Draka says Vyraz is hiding in Desmotaeron. We will secure the area, and summon the Zerekriss.
Draka.. I would like to be a part of your mission.
Baroness Draka, You are the one they call Thrall. I have heard of your name. Come, then.

Draka and Thrall are the quest givers in this battle against the dungeonmaster. We are required to assist the Alliance of Covenants with dismantling a Maw base. Thrall sends us out to search for his axe Dra’gora. He lost it fighting Helya in Shadowlands' opening scenario. Draka observes Thrall closely as he asks about his armor. Draka and Durotan are old family friends of Thrall, and she realizes that Thrall is wearing Orgrim Doomhammer's armor.

Baroness Draka, I see that you are wearing the armor of Orgrim Doomhammer.
Thrall: He gave it to me as an act of kindness. One of many gifts he gave to me.
i >---Thrall
: You were a member of the Frostwolf Clan in your life, weren't you?
Baroness Draka, I was. Their legacy will always be part of mine.
Dra'gora. It's nice to have it back in your hand.
Baroness Draka: Draenor's Honour A fitting name for a valuable weapon.

Even though Draka doesn’t make a face, it is clear that she suspects she has something in common to Thrall. Thrall finally gets up the courage to explain to Draka that he's her prodigal child. The Baroness, however, is so focused on her next mission that she won't allow Draka to speak.

Thrall: Draka! There's something you should know. I am ...
Baroness Draka - Focus on the mission. I'll speak to you later.

Death to Vyraz, the traitor!

__S.93__ __S.94__ __S.95__ __S.96__ __S.97__ Draka recognizes her child and addresses Thrall by his real names for the first time. __S.99__ Source: buffed __S.101__ They finally reach Helgarde Fortress's outskirts and encounter Baron Vyraz, his patron Helya. Vyraz reports that the Primus is back and that the rebel Maldraxxi force are outnumbered. Helya refuses to share her power with Vyraz. Vyraz is abruptly ended by Draka.

Baron Vyraz: Our enemies approach, Helya. We need reinforcements!
Helya: Are you scared, Maldraxxi! The Jailer doesn't tolerate weakness within his ranks!
Baroness Draka: Vyraz You will be held responsible for the actions you took to Krexus
Helya: Vyraz, take my boon. You are outnumbered after all!
Primus: You are the matron of wolves! Show them the heart and soul of a Necrolord.
Baroness Draka: Krexus! FOR AKAREK
Baron Vyraz: I am... stronger! I can't...lose!

We return to our base once Vyraz has been defeated. We finally see Draka Thrall reunited. The two will keep their discussions to themselves for the moment. We learn that Draka recognizes Thrall after all, and even addresses him by his orc name!

Thrall: Draka I...
Baroness Draka - Well fought... Go'el. Come, we will talk.

This is the end of their first encounter. We are curious to see how Korthia will unfold their story. From the test server, we know that Thrall accompanies our heroes all the way to the top in the Sanctum Of Domination (new raid in Patch 9.1) and supports us in the fight against Sylvanas. The story finale involving Thrall, Garrosh Hellscream, is still to be revealed. If Thrall is able to accompany us through the tower, he will most likely meet the soul of the tyrant. Will this reunion end in a similar happy ending?

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