WoW: Is it fair or cool? Sylvanas' Bow Scandal: Hunters become too strong!

World of Warcraft has always been a hot topic for discussion about powerful legendaries. Shadowlands is the first place to forge our own Legendary. BlizzCon 2020 was even attended by WoW developers who announced that players will soon be allowed to have more than one Legendary item. Shadowlands currently has a limit on how many Legies you can carry. They're lifting this limit with patch WoW 9.1, but only for hunters. Is this cool?

We reported a few days ago on Blizzard's developers revamping the Bow of Sylvanas to make it a Legendary. All well and good, a legendary weapon. The Hunter has an advantage that the developers didn't anticipate. This means that Hunters will become the first class to allow two Legendary items at a time in Patch 9.1. Once the Legendary overlay in Shadowlands is removed, you can even carry three Legendary items at once.

Patch 9.1 - Hunters are getting too powerful!

__S.14__ __S.15__ __S.17__ Sylvanas bow is not extraordinary for a Lenendary but impresses with strong spells. __S.19__ Source: wowhead __S.21__

The excitement is high now! There are rumors that the Beastmaster and Marksmanship Hunters, who already have two Legendaries, will far outperform their ranged counterparts in damage meter. The latest Legendary thriller also sees survival hunters losing out. Many will have to give up their melee weapon and learn how to become a marksman in Patch 9. Even die-hard fans of melee play styles talk about the bow as the end for weak survival hunters.

This bow is dependent on loot luck, and cannot be earned by diligence like the Legendarys before. WoW veterans will be familiar with Atiesh, High Staff to the Guardian from Vanilla, and the legendary axe Shadowgram of WotLK. You had to first get expensive reagents and then complete several quests. After that, you would need to spend weeks collecting ice fragments in raids. You can find the legendary staff Dragon's Wrath and Tarecgosa’s Last Rest as well as the rogue daggers Fangs of the Ancestor, Cataclysm, all in the same vein.

Do I have to earn the Legendary first.

__S.38__ __S.39__ __S.40__ __S.41__ __S.42__ WotLK Schattengram was a hit, and every Kreiger or Paladin wanted this legendary axe! __S.44__ Source: buffed __S.46__

These quests were not easy, but players were able work towards a goal. Some argue that the Legendarys helped to build group cohesion because one player couldn’t complete all of these challenges on his/her own or only with extreme difficulty. This is why you didn’t just choose a random hero to invest all your hard work in, but a regular player. Many guilds found it to be a pleasant experience, where the group worked together and helped one another to strengthen the weapon. The whole experience was a boost to the overall strength and power of the raid group.

The developers created a Legendary with the Black Prince's Claak in Mists of Pandaria. Many felt that the Legendary mythos had been discarded. This didn't go down well with all players. WoD's Legendary Ring was next, and Legion's Legys disappointed rather than delighted most players.

Let the hunters have their happiness

__S.62__ __S.63__ __S.64__ __S.65__ __S.66__ Thori'dal, Furor the Stars, was so rare in Burning Crusade, that no hunter had any reason to be afraid for their regular place in raid. __S.68__ Source: Blizzard __S.70__

To be eligible to win Sylvanas bow, you must meet two criteria in Shadowlands. The hero must be a hunter, and have extraordinary loot luck in Sanctum of Domination. That's all. Is the criticism of the new legendary arc justified? Or is the debate being exaggerated?

Sylvanas bow is confusing to me as a writer. If the developers keep their word and make Sylvanas Bow a rare loot item instead of making it a dreaded hunter with super powerful abilities, there is very little chance that you will encounter him. This is best illustrated by the story of the legendary Burning Crusade bow. Few hunters have ever been allowed to hold Thori'dal Furor of Stars in their hands.

Our raid group had several hunters, but only one of them got the legendary bow. The other groups did not see Thori'dal drop but they did transport Kil'jaeden back into the Nether every week. Even though our Legendary-equipped hunter was undisputedly the number one in damage meter over the following weeks, his weapon didn’t cause frustration but rather fueled other players. Our Hunters, Warriors and Rogues made it a race to get the most damage from their heros.

The fear of an overpowered hunter is not real, as long as the bow is rare. Let's face the facts, Sylvanas bows don't make much difference to any hunter. It would be worse if every hunter had the task of gathering reagents to make their bows match their DD counterparts. The bow, however powerful, will not change the group dynamic. No other player will have any reason to worry about their raid spot. It's refreshing to see Legendarys worthy of their names in World of Warcraft!

What are your thoughts? What have you thought about Legendary rewards over the past few decades? Developers should make Legendary rewards only for Heroes who are hardworking, or should they remove them from World of Warcraft entirely?

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