WoW Classic: Blizzard has removed the daily dungeon limit effective today - for now

Blizzard officials revealed that they would lower the daily limit of 30 dungeon IDs for WoW Classic characters at BlizzCon 2021 in preparation for the upcoming launch Burning Crusade Classic.

. Indeed, the TBC Classic beta testers were able visit 50 or more dungeons per hour without encountering any limits.

How high will the daily dungeon limit be? When will the change take place? With the pre-patch being released today

? Or will it be the official launch in just two weeks? These questions have been answered by the developers. Kaivax, the WoW forum community manager, writes:
  • Last year, the daily limit for dungeon visits has been introduced with great caution.
  • Developers know that many players will be visiting dungeons more often in the coming weeks. Blood elves and the draenei both want to be leveled in the pre-patch period. Many players will want to return to the dungeons even after launch.
  • The developers decided to remove the daily limit on dungeon visits completely, and release the pre-patch on all Burning Crusade server.
  • The Classic Era realms will continue to have a 30 dungeon limit per day.
  • The daily limit may be reintroduced after the launch and leveling phases. The developers will decide what form and when to release it, depending on how players behave.
  • By the way, the limit of 5 dungeon IDs an hour will not be lifted.

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