WoW: A hidden DpS buff is coming for warlocks - thanks to their demons

Warlocks in WoW don't travel alone. After all, aside from DoT effects, shadow projectsiles, devilish flames and devilish fires, they also rely upon demonic companions and cooldown spells that summon them. However, spells and effects like Shadow Wraith and Visitation used to increase our DpS values but not our companions. A hidden change in patch 9.1's PTR builds has put an end to this: our dark little helpers, and powerful cooldown beasts, get bonus effects that were previously reserved only for our sorcerers. How does this affect the DpS values for the three witcher specs Kalamazi, from wowhead, took a detailed look at it and we present the highlights of his article. __S.6__ __S.7__ __S.9__ Demonic pets which don't rely upon damage, such as the Voidwalker, don't get much benefit from the damage boost in Patch 9.1 of WoW. __S.11__ Source: Blizzard __S.13__ __S.14__ __S.15__ __S.16__

How the PTR modification will affect the damage done by witchers in patch 9.1

  • Affliction and Destruction will see a slight increase in damage by about 1-2 percent, but Demonology can expect a five percent increase when they rely on the From the Shadows and Fright Whip talents.
  • Shadow Wrap is a talent that is in the same tier with Visitation in patch 9.1 and cannot be used simultaneously.
  • Afflis’ Darkvision doesn’t do much damage to its Eye Beam, so the DpS increase is barely noticeable. An Imp pet, on the contrary, is more able to benefit.
  • The Hellbeast's Hellbeast deals direct damage to the destroyers, which can be increased by the medium Hellish Brand. This makes the Hellbeast skill Firebrand do more damage for each melee attack. This combination can be paired with Extinction or Chaos Rain to create a build that is RNG-heavy, but still has great potential for Hellbeast Summon using extinction.

__S.27__ __S.28__ __S.29__ __S.30__ __S.31__ Warlocks can get multiple Hellbeasts in WoW Shadowlands with the Chaos Rain talent. __S.33__ Source: buffed __S.35__ __S.36__ __S.37__ __S.38__

  • As expected, Demonologists benefit most from the demons getting more DpS. They don't have direct damage boosters like Visitation or Extinction, but they do have From the Shadow which increases Shadow Flame damage. Also spells such as Hand of Gul’dan, Demon Lightning, or Implosion. The strongest spell is Demon Fire which can only be cast by the Demonic Tyrant.
  • The single-target playstyle will not change, but the new damage boost to Demons makes Out of the Shadows more interesting in Mythic+ group battles. This is because the change to damage boosts also increases single-target damage with this build. Demon Fire of the Tyrant directly benefits from Out of the Shadows.
  • This combination with the Carnivorous Stalker medium means that there is a possibility of another Horrible Bite being triggered with every Stalker attack. The Legendary Wilfred’s Signet of Superior Summoning ensures that the Tyrant can only be used once per minute.

__S.48__ __S.49__ __S.50__ __S.51__ __S.52__ Torghast's presence in Patch 9.1 will be much stronger when our Demonic Tyrants gain the From the Shadows talent. __S.54__ Source: buffed __S.56__ __S.57__ __S.58__ __S.59__ It is uncertain if this patch 9.1 update will include the DpS boosts for Warlock demons. After all, Blizzard has never discussed this hidden customization. The new functionality is a refined version of a change that was previously in the 9.0.5 PTR. Only a few spells had at the time strengthened demons. It's a good thing for warlocks in that every spec would get some of the damage boost.

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