Many players have fallen in love with the Warcraft universe thanks to the three-part strategy game series. Many people were already intrigued by the history, places, and characters of this world. World of Warcraft has given us the opportunity to meet these characters and see the lands. It is electrified and very enjoyable.

One time, I saw a preview of The Burning Crusade (at the time it was a TV program devoted to computer games on ZigZap). The creators talked about Caverns of Time, and the fact that Warcraft III will allow you to participate in the Battle of Mount Hyjal. I knew I had to play this game!

Hillsbrad Foothills is one of the places that we can visit with time travel. Our main task is to free Thrall. The past of the young chieftain of orcs is not the only one we can see.


Kel'Thuzad can be seen walking with Helcular and discussing necromancy.

Kel'Thuzad was a necromancer who obediently followed the orders of Lich King when we met him in Warcraft III. He is still a member Kirin Toru at the time we meet him. But everyone knows his fate... Helcular now stands by the Ruins at Southshore. He is now an undead servant of the Banshee Queen.


We can meet Nathanos Marris, who was still alive at the town hall.

We could see him in classic World of Warcraft as an undead in Eastern Plaguelands.

Nathanos grew up to be one of the most mysterious and important characters in Warcraft's universe. He is Sylvana's most trusted man, always following her orders. He was her right-hand man when she became Warlord for the Horde.


One of the first knights in the Silver Hand, the famous order of paladins established by Alonsus Faola, Uther, just after the First War, sits in a tavern, talking with his friends. Many of them became members of The Scarlet Crusade.

Tirion, however, was part of the campaign against the Lich King (Wrath of the Lich King) and it was he that destroyed his Frost Blade with the legendary sword. Unfortunately, his story ended in the Battle of the Shattered Coast, Legion. Krosus, on Gul'dan's orders, killed him.


We can see Nat Pagle fishing from the Southshore docks.

Nat seems to enjoy traveling. We can find him in the Land of Dustwallow Marsh in the classic World of Warcraft. But then he moved on to Pandaria. He enjoys fishing in Krasarang Wilds.

BONUS: Pat Nagle, one of the programmers at Blizzard. This is a clear reference.


Stalvan is found upstairs in the inn and sleeps in one the rooms.

Stalvan Mistmantle was a character we could meet in Duskwood, the classic World of Warcraft. He died and we had to get rid of him.

His brother, who is now a worgen, appears in this land during the Cataclysm additional. We must deal with him.


Tarren Mill has two children, a girl Julie (and a boy Jay) who play the roles of Julie and Jay.

Julie, as a child, was a mage. We could meet her in Southshore. However, the Abandoned destroyed the city and the girl likely died. Jay's fate was not too good. He was struck by the Plague, and became an undead. He currently sells mushrooms at Tarren Mill.