TESO: Scalebreaker & Dragonhold - Preview of the next DLCs

We are now at the middle of the Year of the Dragon Online, after Elsweyr and Wrathstone. We will see two additional DLCs in the third and fourth quarters of 2019, which will tell the story about the powerful scale creatures. We now know the names of the two upcoming updates thanks to the Bethesda display at E3: Scalebreaker, and Dragonhold.

Scalebreaker is the dungeon DLCs that will take you to quarter numbero 3 and the Hoard of Maarselok Dungeons. Official preview by Zenimax:

"These two new dungeons will challenge you and your party against dragons just like the one in Elsweyr. The Colossal Halls were not the only place where dragons were kept, so not everyone wants to take down these legendary beasts.

At the end of 2019, Dragonhold, the final Season of the Dragon, will land on the live servers.

"Dragonhold opens up a new area in southern Elsweyr for you to explore. It's called Pellitine, a lawless wasteland that was ravaged by a deadly plague almost 20 years ago. You'll need to find allies, including fan favorite Sai Sahan, reform the Dragonguard Order, create powerful new weapons and stop the dragon threat from spreading to Tamriel.

You can either buy Scalebreaker or Dragonhold DLCs from the Crown Shop once they are released, or unlock them via ESO+. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more information about the updates.