Blizzard has released a lot of information about Oribos which will be the main outpost for the heroes of Azeroth. Oribos is also known by the Eternal City. It is located in central Shadowlands.


Representatives of both the Covenant and Horde will be forced to give up their conflicts in this holy place. The city will be accessible to both the Covenant and Horde factions, just like Shattrath or Dalaran.

The Arbiter's chambers will be accessible in the highest part Oribos. The Arbiter is not active, so souls that pass through the Soul Stream in central Orbios are now headed straight for the Maw instead of being justly judged or sent to the place they deserved.

Oribos has all the necessary services for players, such as a bank, profession trainers, and a barbershop.

The city will have portals that connect to all lands in the Shadowlands add-on, Wichrogrod, and Ogrimmar.

These creatures believe in the infinite wisdom and goals of the Arbiter.


ATTENDANTS Oribos is protected by them. They are mysterious beings that were created to protect the Eternal City from harm and ensure that the Arbiter is able to fulfill his duties. They keep order and guard the city. They trust in the wisdom of God and are completely dedicated to him.

BROKERS – They are from the Shadow Realm, whose name is not known. They are eager to help mortals who visit Oribos by offering their expertise in obtaining and transforming raw materials into useful goods. They offer a wide range of exotic goods. They are not aware of their true motives.

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THE SOUL STREAM- A stream of souls flows through Oribos. It is made up all mortal souls who have come to the Shadowlands. Each one of them should have been referred to the Arbiter for a judgement, but they are instead sent straight to the Maw. The Cloak is where only the most degenerate are allowed to go.

RING OF FATES- Now that mortals roam the Lands of Shadow Oribos is inviting Brokers from various lands of The Realm of Death to offer their services and goods. It will become a trading district.

RING OF TRANSFERENCE- The Eternal City was once isolated. However, the effects of the anime crises forced it to reopen. Travelers can now freely enter and exit the city. Players will be able travel to all the realms in the Shadow Realm via portals or griffins from here.

THE ARBITER'S CHAMBER -- From his sacred chamber high above Orbios, he judged every mortal soul who entered the Shadowlands. It has been this way since the dawning of time. However, now souls simply fly past the dormant Arbitrer and rush into The Maw. The mystery was not solved by the city's desperate citizens. Some began to doubt the grand scheme.