This article will compare the bosses we faced during Battle for Azeroth. It took me a while to figure out how to compare the bosses and what to evaluate. In the end, I think it might be worth relying on the descriptions and experiences of all the penultimate, penultimate, and last bosses. It's in their cases that we can reliably compare the difficulty level, as well any advantages and disadvantages of the fights.

These are the categories in which bosses will be judged

  • The atmosphere, the boss's appearance, and how the mechanics fit in with the raid style are all important.
  • Overall evaluation of the mechanics and their performance.
  • Fun is the feeling I had when approaching a boss again and whether or not I enjoyed the fight.
  • Because I have dealt with healing throughout Legion, Battle for Azeroth and other battles, my healing rating is an important part of every fight for us. It also determines whether we like the fight or not.

I consider the Crucible of Storms raid bosses to be the penultimate or final bosses of raid, since Blizzard has set their difficulty level at the same level as Stormwall and Jaina.

Before I move on, I should mention that the ranking is only for Heroic level bosses. I am not a Mythic player and have not raided this difficulty level, with the exception of a few Uldir bosses.


TALOC (Uldir).

CLIMATE: Warden at an ancient titan outpost. He is possessed by the prisoner he was supposed guarding and looks great. A beautiful golden armor, a large two-handed mace, and a red color scheme that shows Taloc's warped nature are some of his features. The fight was also held on the elevator leading to the titans' outpost. This, along with the lasers used during the descent, created a cool atmosphere.

Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: Taloc isn't very helpful as a first boss. We only need to deal with two skills in the first phase and a few addons which do little other than damage. The only problem is avoiding lasers. This boss may have disappointed some players. Rating: 2/5

FUN: I won’t go into detail - this fight is just an unpleasant necessity that must be done in order to kill more bosses. Rating: 1/5

HEALING: Only the moments when the boss uses Cudgel of Gore are worth healing. Other than that, the fight is not one to stress healers with. Rating: 2/5


CHAMPION OF THE LIGHT (Battle for Dazar'alor)

CLIMATE: It didn’t blow me away. It could be that I play Horde and Dazar'alor makes it nauseating. Or maybe it's because Dark Iron Dwarf doesn’t fit me as a champion for Light. For the Covenant, it could be a lot more exciting, as attacking the port of the enemy's allies and killing their hero could appeal to Covenant players. It was also a good idea to fire so-called Paladin’s Wings to increase damage. Rating: 3/5

MECHANICS: More interesting than in Taloc. There are addys that have very relevant, and even actual abilities that we must counter. There are phases where we only attack the boss or the addy. This is a huge leap forward. The boss doesn't have much to give us except Wave of Light or enhancing adds. Rating: 4/5

TOUGH: This boss, like Taloc, is a tedious chore rather than an enjoyable experience. Rating: 1/5

LESSON: Terribly boring. Only tactics that involve ignoring bosses and bursting them with their rage keep us entertained. Rating: 3/5



CLIMATE: Better than Champions of the Light but worse than Taloc. The battlefield looks almost like a gladiator arena. The boss looks great, with the combination of Naga body and spider legs that was created by Blizzard. It is difficult to explain why I dislike this boss's unusual combination of skills. Silvara's aesthetics are somehow influenced by poison magic and frost. Rating: 4/5

MECHANICS: The combat is more complex and punishing for mistakes. This is the first boss we have seen in a while. I screamed about the climate and I clapped in this section. Although the idea of seperating players and altering their auras is very innovative, the Heroic skill is by far the most popular. You can be punished by freezing your character if you don't move in the aura of frost. Poison spreads faster when you move while poisoned. Rating: 5/5

FUN: The combat was exciting. Even in Heroic's cleanup stage, you had to be focused and sometimes exert yourself. Rating: 4/5

HEALING: There are many things to do. This fight is where one mistake can cost 20% of an entire raid's life. It's easy for people to make mistakes. Rating: 4/5


WRATHION (Ny'alotha, The Waking City).

CLIMATE: I am truly disappointed by the combat climate. Even before patch 8.3, I was able to see the enemy list and our dragon friend. I was always curious about how this would all happen and how he would be fooled. Although I tried to avoid spoilers, I was surprised that nothing of significance happened in the 8.3 campaign. I was still looking for answers as I went into the raid. But, oh, this is Wrathion, standing in front me and turning into an dragon. Although it was a vision, the real Wrathion appeared next to us. It didn't stick. The platform's appearance was not crazy. The background was also very ordinary and didn't have any fireworks. Black Dragon looked magnificent. Papa Deathwing would be proud. Rating: 3/5

MECHANICS: There are more interesting things here. Wrathion maintained the Sivarra standard. Wrathion maintained the theme of magma-covered Earth, dragon scales to defeat; it felt like a fight between dragons. The game was also very punishing for making mistakes. The damage to a Heroic boss is huge. Professional raiders fighting for World First Mythic suffered a wipe on their first boss, something that doesn't happen very often. Rating: 5/5

FUN: I had a lot fun during the fight, just like my boss. There was always something going on, so you had to be focused and remember the most important thing: having fun from the beginning until the end. Rating: 4/5

HEALING: This is the most difficult boss for healers. There were very few breaks. Rating: 5/5



MYTHRAX (Uldir).

CLIMATE: The battle's atmosphere deserves recognition. I was tired of titan architecture after this raid. Mythrax arena is a refreshing departure. The boss model and skill animations are always a plus. Rating: 4/5

MECHANICS: Annihilation is a great idea for a mechanic. It requires careful play and attention to tactics. However, abilities such as Oblivion Sphere are more frustrating than challenging. Rating: 3/5

FUN: This fight is more difficult because it involves high raid damage than engaging in challenging activities, communication, and good chemistry. This makes me a non-fan of the boss. Rating: 2/5

HEALING: There was so much to do. To keep the team alive, we had to work harder. Rating: 4/5


STORMWALL BLOCKADE - Battle for Dazar'alor

CLIMATE: I don’t like bosses that are static and boring. Stormwall Blockade is a great addition to the game because it allows for movement. To defeat the main boss that blocks our access Jaina, we must first infiltrate the ships of two "mages", which will strengthen the beast and then kill them. The combat is intended to show us the Sea People of Stormsong Vale, hence the ships and mermaids that create a great atmosphere. Rating 5/5

MECHANICS: Each ship is unique in its skill set. The bosses have a lot to offer too. Each ship is complex and intricate, which deserves its own rating. Rating: 5/5

FUN: This is precisely what Mythrax and other Mythrax didn’t have. This boss shows that you can combine high-damage with interesting mechanics and make them work together. This boss was a great boss to fight. Rating: 5/5

HEALING: It's a great ship for healing, especially Katharina's. The clash with Laminaria is a test of our strength. The closer we get to the end, the more difficult it becomes. Rating: 5/5


RESTLESS CABAL (Crucible of Squals)

CLIMATE: Located in Stormsong valley and Shrine of the Storm, it is beautiful. The perfect blend of nature, depth, ambient lighting, and aesthetics of Old God worship. I love this site! Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: The main mechanic consists of 3 artifacts. These artifacts can make the fight more difficult and more interesting for bosses who don't have to be skilled in the most demanding areas. Innovative ideas include the idea of a boss being beaten by a ranged dps. Rating: 4/5

FUN: A concrete fight that can produce a lot of excitement. You need to be able to read timers, prepare cooldowns and communicate effectively. A great boss. Rating: 4/5

HEALING: Tempest Caller is the most difficult part of this fight, but it's not very difficult. Rating: 3/5