As most of you know, we will be traveling to the new Nazjatar land in the next patch. This area was once at the bottom of the ocean. Azshara has dispersed the floodwaters. It is well known that she has a powerful force but she wouldn't have been able to do it on her own. We now know that she used a powerful artifact Tidestone from Golganneth to accomplish this feat.

Do you sound familiar?

For the uninitiated, we remind you:

This was one of the so called "Pillars of Creation", artifacts created directly by the Titans. Their search was the basis of a large part of the plot for the add-on Legion. We found the Tidestone at Aysun, and we also met Prince Farondis there and his subjects. During the War of the Ancients, Azshara cursed both the Prince and his family. Their souls have never been at peace since then. They were imprisoned in this world as the dead. What were they doing to deserve such a fate. Farondis had intended to use the power of artifact to destroy The Well of Eternity to stop the Burning Legion invading. He failed to succeed. His intentions were discovered, and he and his subject were punished.

We eventually capture the Tidestone, and we hide it in Dalaran until all the Pillars are captured.

To seal the Tomb at Sargeras, and to stop the Burning Legion's reinforcements, we needed the power of The Pillars of creation. We succeeded, and the artifacts remain safe there today. Are we sure? Patch 8.2 reveals that Azshara has taken Tidestone. How is this possible? After our success in the Tomb, it seems impossible to leave the Pillars unguarded.

Magni claims that the power of Pillars would be sufficient to remove the warp from Sargeras’ sword after the campaign on Argus. But we can't because it must remain sealed.

Did Azshara only take Tidestone? The Tears of Elune is one of the artifacts that is being discussed. This artifact was used to warp Ysera by Xavius. During a series of quests about Essences of Heart of Azeroth we discover that the Emerald Dream has been warped, and that the Void has nested within it. Ysera's soul can not be found.

The Tomb of Sargeras will be open again if there is not even one. Although the Burning Legion may not be a problem anymore, its creator is still alive... Who knows what this could mean.

There are signs that Farondis will be involved in the next patch. We saw how much he hates Azshara during the Azsuna adventure. His assistance could be needed during the Nazjatar campaign.

Another clue is the portal that Azsuna uses in the Portal Chamber in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. It's not surprising that Blizzard chose this spot. We will probably be back for another trip to Azsuna!

Perhaps we will finally see Khadgar return, who in Legion helped us obtain the Pillars and use their powers... maybe he can help.