Every World of Warcraft player will be familiar with King Fox Arthas. He is not only one of the most hated villains in Azeroth but also one of the most beloved characters among players. I believe that not everyone knows who he is.The Lich KingHe is. He wasn't Arthas or at least not in the real sense. The Lich King filled the vessel with his soul, and the would-be king was Lordaeron.

The two faces Prince Arthas

We must go back to the Second War to find out all the truth about him.

The Legion's plans for conquering Azeroth fell apart after the Horde was defeated. Despite their defeat, the demons did not give up. Kil'jaeden took the defeat as a learning opportunity. The Horde was defeated by internal conflicts and lackluster loyalty. This would never happen again, and the Dark Demon would not allow it to. He already has another plan in his head!

A plan to create a new, powerful army to conquer Azeroth. To keep this army under control, he only needed a strong soul who knew the secrets of magic. Kil'jaeden knew someone similar. This person was responsible for Draenor's recent shattering. After that catastrophe, Ner'zhul had managed to escape with his subjects into the Swirling Void.

However, there were demons waiting for them...

Nightmarish was the torture that his torturers - Tichondrius and Balnazzar as well as Detheroc, Mal'Ganis, Mal'Ganis, Varimathras, and Detheroc - prepared for him - Varimathras, Balnazzar and Detheroc. They tore apart his body piece by piece, keeping him in perfect spirits. Soon Ner'zhul was begging for his death. Kil'jaeden agreed that he would give him what he wanted, provided that he served the Legion with a new weapon.

Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos - The Phantom Lords

The offer was accepted by the orc. The demon killed him, then raised him with powers that were not available to him before. The Overlords combined his disembodied soul and specially crafted armor with the mighty Frostmourne Rune Sword. To control Ner'zhul, all of this was encased within a hard block made of ice.

For that, the Lich King was what he was now. He was promised his freedom if loyal to the Legion.

He knew that these were empty words. He began to create his own escape plan. All of Ner'zhul's subordinates had undergone a physical transformation. The Undead army was now ready.

His plan was revealed to Kil'jaeden by his new servant. His task was to weaken Azeroth through a deadly plague that would turn humans into undead servants. This would weaken the defenses of the world before the Legion arrived. The Dark Demon didn't trust the Lish King. He decided to take the Phantom Lords along on his expedition towards Azeroth. They were able to create a small portal connecting the Whirling Void with Azeroth by spending a lot of power. After passing through, the Fox King’s ice block hit a glacier in Northrend. The Ice King Lish's prison changed form upon impact and became a throne.

King Lisz was tested as the Phantom Lords built a fortress in the Frost Throne. He had to be cautious, as Kil'jaeden didn't want the world to hear about the new threat too soon. The Wendigos and Ice Trolls were the first targets of the new Lord on Northrend. The Vrykuli, a powerful tribe, was next. Each creature was taken by the servants to the Lish King and then reborn as an undead being. He began to fight the undead plague. He was able to control it using the power of his mind. As a test, he sent it to a small village. After three days, all its inhabitants had died. They rose quickly again, but this time they were undead.

The Lich King has never felt more powerful. Every new soul, each new body increased his power to levels he could never have imagined.

The Ghostly Lords weren't idle either. They built a fortress around Frost Throne to be their base for the entire campaign against Azeroth. Slowly Kil'jaeden realized his plan. He ordered King Lish that he expand his jurisdiction. He was to conquer all Northrend. The Dark Demon demanded that the Lish King do everything he asked, but he was not loyal to him. He was quietly searching for a way out of his grip. He knew that the Phantom Lords, smart and cunning, were the greatest threat. Their power was not enough to match the Lich King's. He let them believe that he was their prisoner and that they had complete control over him. The hunter began to pay attention to his game. He will attack if he finds its weak spots.