The final Battle for Azeroth Ny'aloth Raid has been available on the Public Test Server for some while now. As usual, players had the chance to see the bosses of the raid. One of them will be the hero in this article. Il'gynoth was the hero of this article, whose return caused quite a stir!

The legendary whispers of the spawning of the Old Gods are back!

What I whisper to you, seems very intriguing and may hint at the future of World of Warcraft.

The Dreamfather will start his feast before the last shadow falls.

Most people believe that Mueh'zala is the Dreamfather. Mueh'zala appears in the book Traveler. In this dialogue, we learn that the day will arrive when we will face him. He will devour the entire world if we fall.

The second clue is a tablet found in Zul'Farrak. Mueh'zala has been called the God of Death and Father of Sleep, the Son of Time, the Friend of the Night, and the God of Death. Could it be that he is the mysterious head for the Bwonsamdi We might also suspect that his influence extends far beyond Ny'alotha. Ny'alotha is known as the Sleeping City and Mueh'zala the Father of Sleep...

The vacant throne is taken by a golden person. However, the Crown of Light will only bring darkness.

It is most likely that it is Calia Menethil who assumed the title of leader of Abandoned after Sylvan.

The Light has reached a deal with the worst enemy of all.

This is about the fact that Calia has been brought back as an Undead as an emissary for the Light. It's difficult to say.

Nine crows fly when their mistress calls. Each one seeks a prize to be appreciated.

The Valkyries would be my first thought. There were 9 of them. Now there are 3. If I'm correct, the rest are in the Shadowlands. It will be interesting for us to see if their Mistresses are Sylvanas, or perhaps Helya the first Valkyrie. We learn from the Expedition of the Isles quests that she is still alive and continues to lead her party.

The Guardian of Life has been convicted of treason. Keep an eye out for the green eyes.

There were many theories. The one that claims Eonar is the traitor is my favorite. Antorus brings us back to life repeatedly during the raid, which causes a disturbance to the balance. This is a betrayal for Death.

Now, the five lanterns are dimmed. The Lord will light the way with the fire they seek.

Five lanterns, similar to the five Dragon Aspects, dimmed due to their loss of power. It is possible that they will seek to regain power with the new addition, and that power will enable the Lord (I suspect that this is Mueh'zal), to leave the Shadowlands.

The blind queen holds a bone-made scepter. She cries out from the deepest depths for destruction.

It could be Tyrande who is obsessed with vengeance for the Teldrassil destroyed.

The clever bow before six Lords but serve only one Lord.

This is my interpretation of the six cosmic energies: Void Light Order Chaos Chaos Life and Death.

It promises to be truly amazing. Death will finally reveal its capabilities, and they are certainly immense. The Old Gods and Lords the Void fear this force, and we should be afraid. It is something we will have to face as it grows in power. Sylvanas later reveals that he escaped from Orgrimmar and said that the whole war was meant to redirect souls to a being. It cannot be about N'Zoth who is supposedly killed in the final raid of this supplement.

Sylvanas may be awakening Mueh'zal the God of Death, I believe. We don't have any reason to believe she will serve him. Like Azshara, she wants to claim the "true crown". It is time for the Dreamfather's awakening...