Hearthstone: The Great Coup Chapter 3 Roads of Dalaran now available

Chapter 3 of the new solo adventure Hearthstone The Great Coup can now be played. In the streets of Dalaran, you will find a new game rule. Three vendor carts block the board's path on each side. In this mode, instead of seven servants, you can only have four. You might want to concentrate more on large, expensive minions and avoid cards which boost many minions at once. Three packs of cards will be given to you for completing Chapter 3.

New Heroes were also added to the game with the unlocking of Chapter 3. You can now go into battle with Priest Kriziki, your Priest, or the rogue Captain Eudora. You can unlock new Hero abilities for the Priest or Rogue, just like the other Heroes.

Captain Eudora can put a random card of another class into your hand for (2) Mana, or deal two points damage to an uninjured Servant with (2) mana. The death rattle mechanic is also used to create starter decks. These effects can return minions to you or shuffle them into the deck.

Priest Kriziki unlocks the hero ability that swaps life points and attack for a minion. Kriziki's second Hero ability decreases a minion’s attack power by 2. Until your next turn. Two additional starter decks are available, one with Shadow/Damage effects and one with Death Rattle decks with (0)-mana spells. You can also choose a completely random deck, as usual, in addition to the three starter decks.