Fortnite: Too much hype or too little? More information about the new matchmaking

Matchmaking in online games is always difficult. Fortnite's Battle Royale mode (buy here EUR15.49) has found this to be true. The fun shooter's developers adjusted arena matchmaking after V.9.10. This was because players had to increase their hype selection in order to find each other. Hype is almost equivalent to skill rating. High-player count divisions used to have a lot of success creating matches. Players in lower-populated divisions had difficulty creating matches.

Fortnite's developers explain Arena Player Search's changes as follows: "The new player Search uses different hype classes, each with a minimum and maximum value. After a certain time, if there aren't enough players in a class it will be merged into another class. This will result in better matches for all divisions. Players in the Champion League are less likely to be in a match against Open League players after a long wait. This system will also be more adaptable to smaller regions with fewer players in the highest or lowest divisions.

The game designers will continue to monitor match quality and wait times in order to make any necessary adjustments. Developers also point out that bug reports can be a great way to speed up the work of programmers and designers. They offer the following slogans: The more detailed the bug report, the better. Include the platform where you encountered the bug and, if possible a video. You can also use the in-game reporting button to send logs. You can also participate in an AMA on Fortnite's competitive subreddit on Friday May 31, 2019, between 9pm and 10.