Cooler Master: In-ear headphones for smartphone owners

Cooler Master offers gaming headphones as well as smaller, more portable devices. MasterPulse In Ear headphones are also available. This model has many advantages, including Bass FX technology and a built-in microphone.

MasterPulse In -Ear headphones are a premium product that is targeted at demanding users. Cooler Master Bass FX technology is their distinctive feature. The headphones are made with a special construction and a high-quality aluminum shell. This is said to deliver crystal clear sound and dynamic bass.

MasterPulse Ins-Ear also have a microphone built in. According to the manufacturer, the microphone's sensor allows you to record your voice with no background noise. The remote control attached to the headphones can be used to quickly switch between listening to music and phone conversations.

The functional knob on the headphones allows you to quickly activate the Bass FX function. This allows you to instantly switch to music mode following a phone call, and enjoy better sound quality. The flat cable cross-section prevents cable tangling and the silicone coating protects against breaking.

The MasterPulse Inear headphones are priced at around PS230

Features of the product

  • Transducers: 8mmBassFX technologyEarphone frequency range: 20 - 20,000. HzSensitivity 119dB +-3dB (bass-on); 109dB+- 3dB(bass-off)Impedance 20OMicrophone frequency range: 100 – 10,000 HzMicrophone sensitivities: -44 +-4dB (at 1KHz and 1V/PA)Remote Control Cable length: 1.3mConnector: