Confirmation of the Darkling weapon theory Raa'Tul?

Aatrox's appearance led to an interesting theory about him not being a character who holds his sword but being a living weapon. Eduard confirms this, mentioning future projects. Aatrox is the only Darkin currently in the game. Three other Darkins are also known to exist. It is therefore almost certain that we will soon see a new Darkin hero.

It is time to move on. I have only opened the doors to the Vastai world, and another explorer must cross it. Today, I will be focusing my attention on the other Runeterra creatures that are awaiting their turn: the Darkini, fearsome, living weapons. The warping creatures that take all things from the Void. The Yordles, rare creatures of legend. Their stories are too important to be kept quiet. I swear that I will tell them. Perhaps I'm the only one who can do it.

A new Raa’Tul hero?

One leak from last year spoke of a new Darkin hero Raa’Tul. We know that the name of the new Darkin hero will begin with R. However, it is more likely that Raa'Tul will be revealed in the future if the leak is true. The description below does not match the pair as it was yesterday.

Raa'Tul is a ADC who uses Varus' stolen demonic arrow. It is similar to Aatrox in that it has a large helmet and epaulettes. Under R is supposed have an escape (something similar to Galio's current Ult). They are also supposed to receive the Wargod skin together with Aatrox. The leaked hero was to be released in 2016.

Another possibility is that the hero might be reworked as he was not satisfying enough. Raa'Tul could be the new name for the character, except that it will no longer be Darkin but Vastaj. There are many theories about the names of the new characters, including Raa and Tul.