ZAQUL (The Eternal Palace).

CLIMATE: The combat atmosphere is my favorite because it focuses on moving between dimensions using beautiful animations and crisp, psychedelic colours. Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: We have to deal with some annoying skills (Crushing Grease), but the majority of the clash is well-thought out. The gameplay is very enjoyable with its unique mechanics. You can move between dimensions to control the boss' abilities, and communicate about the boss’ position. Rating: 5/5

FUN: You can see the similarities to Mythrax, which manifests in slightly exaggerated damages. Although combat is hard, chaos can sneak in towards the end of the clash. Each of these skills nearly killed the raid at once - Maniac Draught. I don't like this kind of thing and the fight would have been just about as difficult without damage boosting. Rating: 2/5

HEALING: It's demanding. I was busy the whole time and this boss is great for testing the healing skills of healers. The last phase is a little too much. Rating: 4/5


CARAPACE (Ny'alotha, The Waking City).

CLIMATE: I wrote in my latest guide that this was a wonderful game of combat. Beautiful display of Fury of N’Zoth. He makes the error of underestimating our opponents and flees into deeper and deeper areas of his armor before finally showing us his lair. Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: There's no need to be a fool, the mechanics of this game are very straightforward. My guild and I only had to defeat him three times, which is certainly not enough time to win the title of penultimate boss. However, this doesn't mean that combat mechanics aren't well thought out. It's difficult to make mistakes in them, and you must try very hard to avoid making a mistake. Rating: 3/5

FUN: This game was a blast. Enjoyable boss, cool combat flow. Rating: 4/5

HEALING: Phase one is the only time you should be focusing more on healing. It is similar in the second phase. The third phase is a bit more difficult, but the group can handle it if they know what to do. Rating: 3/5



G'HUUN (Uldir).

CLIMATE: The best boss in Uldir. It's impressive to see all that "mold" around us, like the "coconut chips", falling from the sky. The Blood God's look is also a work of art. Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: The idea of moving an orb to the Reorigination Module to move it is cool. However, players who were not delegated to this task don't have much to do. It's boring up to phase III, which I was until then. It gets more interesting in Phase III, when Malignant Growth enters. I love being a mechanic. Rating: 3/5

FUN: The combat was okay, and it was quite good compared to the entire Uldir, which I find very tragic. Rating: 3/5

HEALING: You don't have much to do until phase III. Cds are mainly used to increase your log score. Rating: 3/5


JAINA (Battle for Dazar'alor)

CLIMATE: It's very good. The battle on the warship with Jaina and the attacks by Covenant fleet, the boarding, and then the descent into frozen sea... It creates a wonderful atmosphere. Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: Well thought out. The first phase is simple, and the skills that we must counter fit perfectly into the fight's atmosphere. The freezing mechanic and the need for warmth to survive is something that becomes more interesting as the fight progresses. Jaina's Ice Block of Heroism stole my heart. It's the most fun element that Blizzard has introduced. Rating: 5/5

FUN: There are many platforms to fight bosses on, and some unusual mechanics that are both challenging and fun. Rating: 5/5

LESSON: The first phase is incredibly boring. It lacks challenge. Only the transition between phases one and two requires some healing. It's difficult to keep up with players until phase three. This solution is not for me. Rating: 3/5


UU'NAT (Crucible of Storms).

CLIMATE: A platformer that was lifted from Ny'aloth's raid. A boss with an unusual appearance and N'Zoth's great eye must not be forgotten. I cannot give a better rating. Rating: 5/5

MECHANICS: How can you use almost the exact same mechanics in two fights simultaneously and not be lynched? You must be a WoW raid developer. We have 3 artifacts that we can use. The effect is the same as the fight against Cabal, but the roles are reversed. The boss used the artifacts to defeat us in that fight. Now, it is us who will use them against him after we capture them. We must control many other mechanics in addition to artifacts. Uu'nat is a very complex and difficult boss. Rating: 5/5

FUN: This was a great raid. I was a Void Stone-carrier, which is always a lot fun. Combat requires focus and communication. However, despite the many wipes, it isn't frustrating. Rating: 4/5

HEALING - This boss is really difficult from a healer's point of view. This was one of the few fights in which we had to dissect the use healing CDs, which isn't often required on Heroic raids. Rating: 5/5


AZSHARA (The Eternal Palace).

CLIMATE: It doesn’t impress me. While the platforming is not impressive, I find the depths and animals swimming around to be a plus. Azshara's model is brilliant. It reflects Azshara’s majesty and pride, as well as her confidence. Rating: 3/5

MECHANICS: While charging the ancient panels was a good idea it requires that the entire raid and communication be involved. There are not many details, but there are lots of mechanics. From Heroic level to the final phase, there aren’t many deadly abilities that pose a threat. The only escape from Azshara’s long-charging Azshara explosion is the best. However, I don’t know if anyone was killed. The final phase will see more threatening mechanics, such as Nether Portal or Piercing Gaze. There's also Overload, which I will mention in a moment. Rating: 3/5

FUN: The boss who made me the most disappointed was the last. Both were not particularly challenging or interesting. Defeating. Azshara didn't give me much satisfaction. Rating: 2/5

LESSONS There wasn't much to do except for a few abilities that dealt damage to the raid, which were pretty standard. The Overload skill is a 10-15 second skill that provides sharper healing. This made it extremely boring for three phases. Rating: 2/5


N'ZOTH (Ny'alotha, The Waking City).

CLIMATE: It's okay. N'Zoth looks incredible and the boss model is as brilliant as ever. The platform isn't crazy and doesn't stand out in a special way. Rating: 3/5

MECHANICS: It's a lot more fun here. It requires a lot movement, communication, focus, and excellent knowledge of tactics. The Old God's actions throughout Warcraft's history, including the real threats of losing Sanity and pairing up with other players, perfectly fit the theme of separating the mind and body. It was a worthy opponent and the last boss of Battle for Azeroth. Rating: 5/5

FUN: This sums it all up perfectly. Combat is engaging, challenging and exciting. I enjoyed the add-on more than killing bosses. Rating: 5/5

HEALING is difficult. It was difficult to determine who was using which healing CD and when. This made it much easier. However, it doesn't change that we were forced to do so by damage. They were not too high or low. They were perfect for healers to have something to do during the fight, but not to stress to death. Rating: 5/5


We are now done with the ranking.