Just finished reading Awakening of Shadows, the latest book in World of Warcraft's series. It was meant to introduce us the atmosphere and plot of Shadowlands, the new expansion. Madeleine Roux wrote the novel.

To be honest, I have mixed emotions. Since the moment the book was announced, it has been a long wait for me to finally get my hands on it. As with other books in this universe, I was unable to get into the groove while reading it.

We meet King Anduin on his horse riding through Westfall. We don't know what he is doing. After a while, he notices smoke columns rising from a nearby farm. He meets some men who are arguing there. We learn after a while that one of the men was part of a peace mission in the Aratorian Highlands. This is the main plot of the novel Silence Before the Storm. He is furious at the king for failing to save his beloved. The king sees Alleria, who is returning from a Sylvanian hunt... which was unsuccessful.

The author chose the path of least resistance in the first chapter, making the story incoherent, uninteresting, and very unrealistic.

Anduin rides in the Western Lands without any specific goal.
A fire breaks out in his immediate vicinity at that moment.
A man is seen at the scene. He was one of the few who attended the meeting in Aratorian Heights and he holds a grudge towards the king for the death a man close.
Literally, Alleria appears in a split second, with them all, entirely by chance.

I don’t know about you but I don’t believe it. We see a complete lack logic in fantasy. Fantasy has its own rules. The book's final section has a lot more, but a lot more plot threads.

  • The internal problems of Horde Council
  • The thread of Talanja expressing anger at the Covenant.
  • Zekhan's (Zappy boy) mission on Zuldazar
  • Thrall's search to find the cause of the Ancestral Souls’ unrest and his confrontation Tyrande.
  • The thread of Alleri & Turalyon looking for Sylvana.
  • Fairwind and Shaw are also looking for her.
  • The thread of the Nazmir conspirators attempting to overthrow Queen Talanja.

We also have a merging of the threads Bwonsamdi, Talanji, and Nathanos. These are not the only threads in this book. It is difficult to believe that it took up only 400 pages. It is a negative because there are so many plot threads. They make the book seem unfinished and underdeveloped. Each chapter was the beginning of a new thread for almost half the book. There was a lack in action. It is done thoughtfully from chapter to chapter. There is also a lack tension that doesn't allow us stop reading. I found myself counting the pages that I had left to the end of each chapter.

The novel does have its strengths. The most important is Bwonsamdi's character. He was well portrayed and the atmosphere created by him was maintained. I enjoyed the part in which Alleria and Turalyon used the powers of the Void, Light and to extract information from a horcrux. It was quite surprising to see Turalyon simply participating in such a practice and his complicity.

This was, in my opinion, one of the worst stories in Warcraft Lore. It does not address items such as Arthas, Malfurion and Illidan. It is worth reading this article to learn important information about Shadowlands. This is the main reason to go for it.